2004 - 2005 Film and Video Tour Programming

The Young and the Restless

To be seen AND heard! Women in the Director’s Chair has always supported up-and-coming film makers, and who better to shed new light on perspectives of identity (A FISH [ALMOST] EATEN BY A SHARK), religion (ME, MYSELF, AND I), and regionalism (SEARCHING FOR AN APPALACHIAN ACCENT) than young film makers. Insightful and invigorating, this program explores the world as seen through young film makers from different regions of the United States.

A Fish [Almost] Eaten by a Shark- Zaida Sanabia 15’
A 17-year-old soccer-playing gay Latina tries to make a video, "How to Get a Gay-Straight Alliance Up and Running in Your High School." This is Zaida's story, "the things I went through trying to do something good for the community."

Me, Myself & I- Ramalah Yusufzai w/ DCTV 14’
Ramalah Yusufzai is a "normal" NY teen with a passion for basketball. As a Pakistani American Muslim, she also prays 5 times a day and volunteers at her mosque, and wants people to see that Muslim Americans are not so different.

Searching for an Appalachian Accent- Kelly Caudill, Charity Quillen & Maureen Mullinax w/ Appalshop 17’
Explores how traditional culture in Kentucky has been stigmatized both by people from the region who felt compelled to drop their accent and by those from other places who don't question stereotypes about "hillbillies".

Under Pressure- Helen Cho with DCTV 4’
An intriguing trip inside the life of a teenage overachiever.

Between My Mother and Me- Nicole Nelson with DCTV 12’
With adulthood in the near future, a 17-year old girl makes a relentless attempt to get her busy single mother to spend time with her.

Beyond Disability- Empowered Fe Fes with Beyond Media Education 28’
Young disabled women make a video to represent their painful yet inspired ransformation from shame to pride. They are the Fe Fes, and they have empowered themselves with political and social activism, self-consciously positioning themselves in a place of bold attacks on uninformed presumptions and stereotypes surrounding disability, including the myth of contagion, sex appeal or lack thereof, and much more.

Total Running Time 90'

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