Who can host the Tour?
This year's Tour is scheduled to hit cultural centers, colleges, universities, and high schools around the country and abroad beginning in January 2005. We hope that you will consider bringing one of our remarkable programs to your community. Tour sites may choose one or more programs for workshops, classes, and public events, or may opt to curate their own unique screening from all five programs. The Tour lends itself well to collaborations between hosting organizations, such as women's centers, student groups, LGBT and cultural groups, that not only broaden the base of community support but help offset costs as well.

WIDC is also pleased to offer an accompanying speaker from its staff or distinguished Board of Directors to present the Tour, lead discussions concerning the significance of alternative media by women, girls and transgendered people, and answer questions about specific works in the Tour.

Tour Package
The Tour package will include a DVD compilation of all pieces (a VHS copy may be requested if necessary), promotional materials (digital images, copy-ready flyers), complete program descriptions, and Festival books with contact information for all the film/videomakers on tour.

For available dates, contact WIDC:
tel (773) 235-4301
fax (773) 235-4302

Please include potential screening dates, your location, and the programs you are interested in hosting. More info on each program and each piece is available - just ask!

Contact WIDC
Women in the Director's Chair
PO Box 11135
Chicago IL 60611-0135