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The WIDC Archive is a library of over 700 films and videos we have screened and collected over the years which we make available to members, educators, students, non-profit organizations and artists for educational purposes. Please note that tapes may be checked out by associated individuals in the Chicago area only. Archive tapes are also available for on-site viewing by appointment.

Over 1500 films and videos from past festivals and screenings are now searchable online, providing visibility for youth, transgendered and female directors, as well as an historical portrait of WIDC. This tool will also allow local members, educators, students and activists to find media relevant to specific topics and geographic regions of interest.

Search the Archive & Festival database

We are in the process of expanding this tool and putting all of our past festivals online. We would love to have your help with:

- Returning any videos you have checked out
- Volunteering to watch videos, write relevant descriptions and classify by subject
- Volunteering with data entry (so much less painful if shared among several people!)


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