WIDC Programs

While the Festival is WIDC's largest annual project, we are also proud to offer a number of year-round programs that bring the spirit, the discussion, and the outstanding media that characterize the Fest to diverse communities around the city and the country. Through these programs, people from many backgrounds are engaged in viewing, discussing and even producing their own innovative and exciting new media. In particular, WIDC focuses attention on women and girls whose access to alternative perspectives and media is especially limited, in order to provide tools for their own discussions, actions and community development.

The National Festival Tour
Every year since 1990, WIDC has taken selections from the annual Festival on the road to cities and towns across the country. The Annual Festival Tour is an important contribution to building awareness of women's independent media because it reaches audiences with few opportunities to experience alternative media made by women and who welcome the opportunity to view such work in their hometowns. Films and videos on the Tour travel to schools, libraries, museums and cultural centers, often accompanied by a media educator from WIDC. The touring program just completed its tenth successful season, playing in more than 30 sites across the US! For info on this year's Tour programs, visit the Tour page.

The Archive
The WIDC Archive is a resource of over 700 videotapes from women and girls around the world exploring a range of issues including human rights, relationships, community action, women's health, labor, conflict resolution, sexuality, self-expression, and more. The Archive is a clearinghouse for powerful media works by women, and is available for viewing to local educators, activists, and grassroots organizations free of charge. Chicago-area WIDC members are also entitled to check tapes out. Our Archives page now has a searchable database of over 1300 past festival selections and tapes in the Archive.

WIDC Online
Offering nearly 100 links to film and video sites including women's festivals, international festivals, distributors, and extensive media resources, WIDC's website is a valuable resource for independent media makers. The site also includes the WIDC calendar and membership info, as well as descriptions of the current touring programs, Archive, and Collections. Plans for the site include a discussion forum, searchable database, current articles and video clips.

WIDC friends and donors help us to present and support the work of media artists who are transforming our culture, speaking for themselves, and defining the issues of our times. We rely on the support of individuals like you to build the capacity and resiliency of WIDC to respond to new challenges and opportunites as they develop. We need your help!

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