2004 - 2005 Film and Video Tour Programming

War Shorts Program

A lot has happened over the past five years, and the Women in the Director's Chair International Film & Video Festival has covered it all. From worldwide terrorist attacks to US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, women media makers are responding to war. This program contains a diverse survey of work, from animated narrative (COLLAPSE & AND NIGHT ALSO NEVER COMES FOR THE REST) and testimonial (DRAWING THE WAR), to found footage montage that finds humor in the madness (THIEF OF BAGDHAD & STRATEGIC CYBER DEFENSE), to poignant documentary with rare and enlightening footage of Afghanistan (ZULAIKA) and the Palestinian/Israeli conflict (DAUGHTERS OF ABRAHAM).

Collapse-Laura Heit 4'
September 11 2001 is not an easy day to forget.. The stillness and emptiness can still be recalled... Where did thousands of people go? When do we stop looking?

Drawing the War- Lena Merhej 3:30'
With evocative pen and ink drawings, the filmmaker chronicles her memories of growing up in war-torn Beirut.

The Thief of Baghdad- Diane Nerwen 4'
A shape re-examination of the Hollywood classic. This piece re-defines the original Arabian Fantasy in a world where Charlton Heston and George Bush bear remarkable resemblances...

Zulaikha- Sedika Mojadidi 12'
"When I heard the Americans were bombing Afghanistan it was like someone was beating a child... Afghanistan is such a small thing." An experimental portrait of an Afghan woman in Los Angeles in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center and the war in Afghanistan.

And Night Also Never Comes For the Rest- Meredith Holch 8'
Mundane brown paper bags, ripped construction paper and magazine cut-outs are employed to comment on the complexities of US military action in Afghanistan. This frame-by-frame animated responds to events set in motion long before September 11.

Daughters of Abraham- Hilla Medalia 45'
It was a shocking event: a Palestinian girl detonated the explosives strapped to her chest, killing herself, a security guard, and an Israeli girl who was returning home from the market. This stunning work takes a careful, unflinching look at the families of both girls, revealing radically different opinions of the same event and examining their lives in light of the ongoing Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Strategic Cyber Defense- Dara Greenwald 4'
The Kuraquis are coming and the US Defense Department wants us all to know how to react per this instructional video.

Total Running Time 79'

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