2004 - 2005 Film and Video Tour Programming

Dyke Program

More than ever, the need for understanding and tolerance is apparent today. The only way to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding is to expose and explore different experiences and perspectives. Women in the Director’s Chair proudly features this segment with introspection (CAMOUFLAGE PINK, A FISH [ALMOST] EATEN BY A SHARK), emotion (ISN’T IT OBVIOUS, WHAT”S IN A NAME), and humor (DISPOSABLE LEZ, LES BE FRIENDS).

Camouflage Pink- Carolyn Caizzi & Laura Rodriquez 15’
Though her demeanor may scream "Tough! Militant! Dyke!" Rayna's insides are gooey and pink. And the truth is, she really wants to go to the Prom.

Master Libation- Danya McLeod 4:30’
A vibrant, colorful, and poetic cartoon about what girls do when no one is watching.

Well, Well, Well- Elisabeth Subrin 4’
An experimental music video for electro-feminist performance artists Le Tigre-- you'll never be able to look at your three-hole punch in the same way again.

Isn’t It Obvious?- Shelly Provost 9’
A documentary of the services and demonstrations following the murder of a trans youth, Gwen.

Disposable Lez- Desiree Lim 7’
A black comedy about a Tokyo dyke who's always out of luck in romance.

A Fish [Almost] Eaten By a Shark- Zaida Sanabia 15’
A 17-year-old soccer-playing gay Latina tries to make a video, "How to Get a Gay-Straight Alliance Up and Running in Your High School." This is Zaida's story, "the things I went through trying to do something good for the community."

LezBeFriends- Lisa Hayes 13’
They were always best friends, but now a filmmaker has to deal with her compañera and roommate's coming out in this comical tale we can all relate to.

You 2- Pascale Simmons & Jenny Mijnhijmer 25’
Sandra, a nice young Surinamese woman in Amsterdam, and Sjette, an older lesbian-about-town, shock the ladies hanging out at the hair salon when their common interest becomes apparent.

What’s In a Name?- Hallie Bourne 13’
This succinct documentary follows a lesbian couple in Ohio through what is under normal circumstances a routine procedure: a legal name change. But what ensues is far from normal.

Total Running Time 105:30’

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